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The Announcement of Hikaru Collaboration Project GXE Partner Recruitment

We will hold the campaign supported by Hikaru for a total of worth $27,000.
Hikaru will provide half of the 2,500 GXE (equivalent to about $270) that is required to join GXE Partners for 100 people.

Application deadline: Tuesday, November 22, 2022

(1) Retweet the Hikaru’s campaign tweet

(2) Follow PROJECT XENO’s official Twitter
■Official Twitter:

(3) Join PROJECT XENO’s official Discord server
■Official Discord:

(4) Those who are not currently certified as GXE partners
*Current GXE partners are not eligible for this campaign.
Those who can fulfill the partner requirements after winning the campaign are eligible.

<Procedures if you win this campaign>
(1) Purchase 2,500 GXE in addition to the given 2,500 GXE and hold the combined amount in your wallet
*Required 5,000GXE to become a GXE partner.

(2) Participate in the Hikaru Collaboration NFT Sale with a wallet holding 5,000 GXE

(3) Remain with 5,000 GXE held in your wallet until the end of the month

You can join GXE Partner by following the above three steps.
Once you are certified as a GXE Partner, a special icon will appear on your My Page.
*Even if you do not win this campaign, you can join as a GXE Partner by preparing 5,000 GXE by yourself and following steps (2) and (3).

Please check the websites below for more information.
■GXE Partner Page:
■ Hikaru Collaboration NFT Sale Page:

Please check PROJECT XENO official website, Twitter, and Discord for further details.

■Official Website
■Official Twitter(GLB)
■Official Twitter(JP)
■Official Telegram
■Official Discord