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The Announcement of Applications for The Second Period GXE Partners

During the Hikaru Collaboration NFT Sale, We are pleased to announce our second period recruitment of GXE partners who make PROJECT XENO more entertaining with us.

<Current GXE Partner Special Offers>

– Monthly NFT airdrops until the game launch
*NFT airdrops for second period partners will be available for random NFTs from December onward.

– 50% off on specific box sales.
*There is a count limit on the number of times a box sale.

– Participation rights when the game is released in a closed environment prior to game launch

We are also planning to add more offers in the future.

*New GXE partner offers may be added or changed based on future development.
*Please note that NFT designs are under development and may differ in reality. 

<Requirements for Joining The Second Period of The GXE Partners>

(1) Participate in the Hikaru Collaboration NFT Sale and purchase the NFTs.
(2) Must hold 5,000 GXE in the same wallet as (1) between 3 PM UTC on last day of each month & 3 PM UTC next day

*If you meet the above requirements, you will be certified as a GXE Partner for the next month.
*As long as meeting the requirements, GXE Partner special offers will accrue until the game launch.
*For those who are already a GXE Partner, they will be certified for the following month as well with only the condition (2).

For more information, please also visit below.
■GXE Partner Page:

Please check PROJECT XENO official website, Twitter and Discord for further details.

■Official Website
■Official Twitter(GLB)
■Official Twitter(JP)
■Official Telegram
■Official Discord