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Starting from April 24th, the second collaboration with ‘Mega Man X DiVE’ will be held!

Starting April 24, 2024, after the maintenance, we will be hosting the second collaboration with “Mega Man X DiVE.”

▼ Post-April 24 update

  • Icon Contest (Extra Tournament) The grand prize is Collab GENESIS 5
  • Collab CPU Battle
  • Collab Packs for Sale

▼ To be held later

  • Collab Gacha (In-game & Marketplace) Collab NFT Sale Here This time, three Collab GENESIS characters will appear. Also, with continued success in the “VS Sigma Battle,” you get a great chance to secure a super-rare GENESIS with a special specification that evolves into a 15-pull gacha, with no reissues afterward.

▼ Featured Collab Characters

  • Aiko (DRUID)
  • Via (PALADIN)
  • Sigma (X4 Second Form) (NECROMANCER)

During the collab period, collab characters such as “Aiko” will occasionally appear as CPU battle opponents in the game.

If you defeat a collab character this time, a “Collab Exclusive NFT-BOX” will definitely drop.

Expect special collab-specific animations for special skills and battle backgrounds.

★ For those who can’t wait for the Collab Sale

Pre-sale of “2MM & 20MM Gacha Tickets”! One participant will be drawn to win a Collab GENESIS 5

Increased chances of winning with more purchases!

▼ Details of this event

  • Rockman Ticket 2nd (Ticket for 2MM Gacha) 11 tickets
  • Price: 20 USDT ※ Purchase limit: Up to 1,100 tickets per person (2,000 USDT)

▼ Sale Period Until 23:59 the day before the sale starts (The start date of the sale will be announced later on the official X)

▼ USDT Payment Address ※ Please send from the wallet address registered on your My Page. If sent from a cryptocurrency exchange, the gacha ticket will not be reflected. 0x704b58DCd196Fa7d6DF7757E964fc05F517ef8FC※ Supports ETH chain, BNB chain, MATIC chain ※ USDT sent during the period will be combined to reflect the gacha tickets

▼ Caution ※ If USDT is sent from a cryptocurrency exchange, you will not receive the gacha ticket. Always send from the wallet address registered on your My Page. ※ No refunds are possible for this campaign. ※ Any USDT sent after the deadline or exceeding the required amount will not be refunded, please be aware. ※ Check the network and amount before sending. ※ If you have already registered on My Page, please send from the wallet address registered on your My Page. ※ This service is subject to the Terms of Use/Disclaimer/Privacy Policy. ※ The design of the NFTs is in development and may differ from the actual product. ※ Due to the operational status of the blockchain and aggregation, announcements and distributions of winnings may be delayed. ※ To receive the gacha ticket, you must link your account with the game.