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PROJECT XENO Producer Letter

Hello XENO players,
This is Hozumi, the producer of PROJECT XENO.


On Friday, May 10th, PROJECT XENO was delighted to mark its first anniversary.
We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all the players who have supported XENO.


In this edition of the Producer’s Letter, I will take a moment to look back on the past year while also sharing insights into our future endeavors.



◆Addition of the New Class
The last time I issued a Producer’s Letter was during our half-anniversary celebration.
Back the, we have introduced the NECROMANCER, our first new class addition.
Since then, we have expanded our roster with PALADIN and DRUID, and most recently during our anniversary, we introduced the GUNSLINGER.
With these additions, the total number of classes in XENO has now reached up to ten.


In the Battle Arena, we refer to each term or segment as a Season.
Up until the addition of the first class, the NECROMANCER, we have been running the game by introducing new Skill Cards with each Season.


However, due to the changes in the environment with the implementation of NECROMANCER and the huge hype among players, we decided to prioritize to enriching the variety of classes before introducing additional cards.


I recall our CEO, Furuse, mentioning that “In games like FPS, character implementation is prioritized, and having a wide variety of characters definitely makes the game more interesting.”


With this in mind, we have been rapidly developing to introduce ten classes.


We managed to achieve this milestone and now that we have reached up to ten classes, we plan to resume adding the new Skill Cards.
Particularly, the classes added later have fewer types of Skill Cards compared to the first six classes, so we will be increasing the frequency of adding new cards.



◆Upcoming Feature Additions
Some of this information was announced during the 1st Anniversary XENO Festival on Saturday, May 11th, but we will be implementing features such as Season Missions and Achievement Missions shortly.
Players will be able to earn rewards by completing these missions during their daily gameplay.


Additionally, the user level system will be significantly revamped, allowing for more detailed and frequent advancements in user levels through the enhancement of Skill Cards.


These adjustments are being made to the game to enhance player’s daily gameplay experience and encourage longer play times.


Furthermore, we are actively developing features that will facilitate enhanced communication among XENO players, including the implementation of a global chat system and the full-scale integration of guild feature.


The team remains committed to deliver these updates as soon as possible.



◆The New Theme Song
We have created a new theme song to celebrate the PROJECT XENO’s 1st anniversary.
Our iconic theme song, “Eternally,” was composed during the development of PROJECT XENO.
It is a captivating ballad the perfectly captures the game’s essence.


The very first time we had a booth at Tokyo Game Show 2022, I felt that numerous visitors were attracted to our booth by the world and atmosphere evoked by this song, along with the song’s own compelling qualities.


The new theme song we introduced this time was created around a different theme from “Eternally.”
Specifically, it was created with lyrics based on our 1st anniversary of PROJECT XENO.


Along with a staff member who is a former XENO player, I co-created the lyrics, and professional sound producers then designed the music based on our work.


The theme included in this song:
・A strong will to move towards the future, no matter how challenging the path may be.
・Immersion in the XENO’s world and battles.
・Putting all ten classes from SAMURAI to GUNSLINGER into the lyrics, and highlighting the characteristics of each XENO class.


Based on these themes, we titled the song “PROJECT XENO.”


If “Eternally” serves as a quiet ending theme, then the new theme song, “PROJECT XENO” will be an opening theme representing the new start.


This song encapsulates everything we have experienced over the past year, including the environment surrounding XENO, the support from XENO players, the passion felt at live events like the Hikaru Cup, XENO PRO TOUR, and the Ultimate Championship, and the uncharted future that lies ahead for PROJECT XENO.


I hope you enjoy listening to this new song.


By the way, the song was completed just one day before PROJECT XENO’s 1st anniversary, on May 9th (Thursday).


It really was a close call…..


If there were more time, I would have loved to create a music video. Unfortunately, we didn’t. That’s my only regret—haha!



◆The Upcoming Plans of XENO
Since our half-anniversary, another six months have passed, during which numerous features and classes have been implemented, allowing PROJECT XENO to make significant progress.


We have following plans to implement major features:
・The campaign mode battling against the CPU (PvE feature)
・Guild feature and the battle mode where you get to battle within the guild (GvG feature)
・2 players v.s 2 players, the Tag Battle Mode


These are the new features that we are planning to implement.


Some of these features were also mentioned in the Producer’s Letter for our last half-anniversary.
We are fully committed to ensuring that all of these features are available before our 2nd anniversary.


Over the past year, PROJECT XENO has embarked on a remarkable journey, navigating a landscape filled with diverse challenges.
Along the way, we have experienced both successes and failures.


Our successes have propelled us forward, while our failures have provided valuable learning opportunities. Challenges are crucial that they not only help us achieve our goals but also guide us toward our ultimate destination.


We will continue to take on challenges, striving to make PROJECT XENO the best in both the blockchain gaming industry and as a top-tier esports.


Our team will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the game remains enjoyable for all players.
Your continued support of PROJECT XENO means the world to us.