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PROJECT XENO Producer letter

Hello, XENO players.
I’m Hozumi, the producer of the PROJECT XENO.


It’s already halfway through November and the end of the year is almost here.
It’s amazing how quickly time has passed that it’s already been half a year since the launch of PROJECT XENO and,
we have introduced the new class, NECROMANCER, and kicked off our Half Anniversary campaign.


It has been an intense six months, to say the least.
In the weeks leading up to release, we had the early access experience event for GXE Partners,
our CEO, Furuse, and the entire dev team worked tirelessly making adjustments and released the game under a tight situation,
and from there, we continued to challenge ourselves with monthly updates, exhibitions at WebX and game shows, had meetups with XENO players,
and hosted the first national tournament, Hikaru Cup. We have went through an unbelievable expereineces.
We have went through some hard times along the way, but I’m thrilled that we could celebrate this exciting day with all of you on our Half Anniversary.


◆About the new class, NECROMANCER

Although it is not yet released at the time of this letter’s publication, a new class will finally be implemented in XENO.
We have introduced the new elements such as resurrection of the allies, instant kills under certain conditions, and summon units with unlimited resurrection that were not possible with the previous six classes and
we have chosen the NECROMANCER as the first addition to expand the gameplay of XENO.

The concept for the NECROMANCER started around May 2023 and work on it was already underway by the time XENO was released.
It all started with a phone call from our CEO, Furuse, mentioning “Hozumi, I want NECROMANCER for the next class!”
We had a general plan and concept from there, but the daily updates kept us really busy and took us until November to unveil the whole thing to all of you.

The time it took to develop the class was well worth it, as the skill cards are designed with a high level of polish. In fact, during a recent NECROMANCER playtest,
we had a compliment mentioning that the gameplay experience was a completely different game before and after the NECROMANCER implementation.

Please take this opportunity to go grab the NECROMANCER.


◆About the Half Anniversary Campaign


In addition to the implementation of the new class Necromancer, that I have mentioned earlier,
to celebrate the Half Anniversary since the release of PROJECT XENO on Friday, November 10th,
we will be hosting various campaigns and distributing tons of U Coin and Master Key.

Additionally, the highly anticipated feature, XENO inheritance,
allowing the transfer of levels, special skills, and passive skills from one XENO to another
will be implemented.

Furthermore, we will be hosting the very first world tournament, XENO PRO TOUR 2023 in Manila, scheduled for later this month,
and many other events will be held.

This kind of huge offering is only possible on an anniversary or other special occasion, which would be six months away at the soonest,
so if you know anyone who hasn’t tried PROJECT XENO yet, please encourage them to play with it.

If there’s anyone who found PROJECT XENO too difficult to play at launch, you may want to give it another try as CPU opponents have been added,
making the game much more accessible.


◆About the next chapter of PROJECT XENO


We have exciting plans for upcoming updates, including the introduction of a new class, the guild feature, guild battles, 2-on-2 tag battles, and more.
Additionally, we are working on collaborations with popular IPs, and there’s much more.

We have completed the design and planning of the skill cards for the new class.
However, as it took us six months to release the NECROMANCER, we can’t provide an exact date,
but the world of XENO will continue to expand.

In terms of the smaller details, there are a number of features that are already in progress, such as features to enhance the daily opening of treasures and the addition of a special token pool.
Many of these features are already in the final stages of development.

To be the number one BCG globally and the best esports title,
PROJECT XENO will continue to evolve.


As we strive for ongoing growth and aim to maintain a game that can be enjoyed for years to come, our team is dedicated to keeping the excitement alive. We sincerely appreciate your continued support for PROJECT XENO.