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Partnered with the gaming guild YGG Philippines!

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement with Yield Guild Games Philippines (YGG PH), the largest of Yield Guild Games’ sub-organizations.

Yield Guild Games PH (YGG PH) is the largest decentralized network of global gaming guilds and a blockchain-focused gaming and Web3 education community in the Philippines. PH also organizes events to promote Web3, such as “Web3 Metaversity”, which invites Web3 advocates and leaders, and “Web3 Community Summit”, which introduces the latest tools and information, etc.

About the partnership

1. one of the largest-ever cash-prize game tournaments
 In cooperation with YGG PH, we aim to hold a world-class game tournament with the largest prize money ever awarded at a YGG PH-sponsored event scheduled to be held in November 2023. 2.

2. publicity to 100,000 community members and 1,000,000 followers
 YGG PH will promote PROJECT XENO to its 100,000 community members and 1 million social media followers to encourage them to play the game. 3.

3. opening a dedicated channel on YGG PH’s Discord
 A dedicated PROJECT XENO channel will be set up on the YGG PH Discord, which has 90,000 members, to actively provide game information and the latest news.

4. creation of PROJECT XENO training videos
 Create training videos on YGG PH’s Web3 Metaversity platform focusing on PROJECT XENO gameplay, strategy and talknomics.

5. YGG PH leaders play PROJECT XENO
 The two companies will create an environment where highly influential leaders and creators in YGG PH can take the initiative to play the game and spread the play videos in the YGG community and on various social networking sites.

Details of the partnership will be disclosed and announced as necessary. PROJECT XENO” aims to gain a global user base and increase awareness in the crypto asset market through this partnership.

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PROJECT XENO official Twitter (GLB):