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“PROJECT XENO” reached an agreement with “Hikaru” who has more than 4.8million subscribers on his channel (as of 20th Sep 2022) and is one of the top and the most popular YouTuber in Japan to become an ambassador.

This year, which is said to be the first year of the Web3, is attracting increasing attention to blockchains and NFTs as the next generation of the World Wide Web.
Hikaru, who continues to challenge a lot of new efforts, has been appointed as the ambassador for “PROJECT XENO”.
We are also going to take on new challenges that will create a new wind in the NFT game industry with Hikaru and we will provide new experience to everyone.

Comment from Hikaru

I am grateful to be appointed as the ambassador for “PROJECT XENO”.
As some of you may know that my career as a YouTuber was started from gaming play channel.
Such my starting point will challenge the industry that is attracting attention in the future.

I will for sure fully enjoy this challenges! And I hope listeners in YouTube and all parties related to the “PROJECT XENO” will also enjoy the project!