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We have decided to hold the FINAL Pre-Launch SALE, the last sale before the launch. This time, it will be a collaboration NFT sale with Manny Pacquiao (the only eight-division world champion boxer and our second Southeast Asia ambassador for “PROJECT XENO”), who is well-suited for the final event.

Sale period: February 20th, 2023 (Mon) 10:00 a.m. UTC  to February 27th, 2023 (Mon) 10:00 a.m. UTC
Raffle: February 20th, 2023 (Mon) 10:00 a.m. UTC to March 1st, 2023 (Wed) 10:00 a.m. UTC

FINAL SALE special website:

◆Limited Pacquiao Collaboration NFTs
During this sale, two types of limited collaboration NFTs will be released: the XENO version and the GENESIS version.

・XENO Version Pacquiao NFT 
 The XENO version of the Pacquiao NFT has the same features as the normal XENO NFT, but has a limited design with only 350 total supply. 
 It can be obtained through raffles of limited packages and Pacquiao Tickets.

・GENESIS Version Pacquiao NFT 
 Total supply: 15
 The GENESIS version of Pacquiao NFT can be obtained from raffles of limited packages. Pacquiao NFT GENESIS version is equipped with the same effect as the GENESIS <FIRST>, which increases the amount of tokens acquired in PROJECT XENO more than any other effect.

※ The collaboration NFT XENO version has the same features as the normal XENO NFT, but has a limited design with a limited supply.

◆6 Big Purchase Benefits
・NFT-BOX Airdrop
 NFT-BOX will be airdropped for each package purchased or depending on the results of the raffle.
 The number of airdrops varies depending on the package type.

・NFT Art Airdrop
 We will airdrop a limited Pacquiao original NFT Art to all purchasers, regardless of the package type.
 *Regardless of the number of purchases, distribution is limited to one per address.

・GENESIS<SPECIAL> Money Pacquiao Airdrop
 We will airdrop the GENESIS version of the Money Pacquiao NFT to the top three addresses for the total purchase amount in this sale.

・50% off Purchase is Available through GXE Partner Benefits (BOX sale benefits)

GXE Partners from period 1 to 4 are eligible, and if requirements are met as of February 16, 2023, available to purchase the Standard Package up to 5 times at 50% off.
For those who qualify, we will distribute 5 50% off tickets in advance per address.
*If purchase is made with cryptocurrency and the deposit is not confirmed after 3 hours even after using the 50% off ticket, we will cancel the usage status of the ticket (and the remaining number of coupons will be returned).

・About Recruitment of 5th Period GXE Partner
 We will start to recruit for the 5th Period GXE Partner.
 Benefits such as “participation rights in the closed environment if it is live before the game launch” and “monthly NFT airdrops until the game launch” are available for GXE Partner.
 Please see here for more details.

The purpose for this is to deliver the benefits to those who have participated in the sale and the list of wallet addresses that have participated in the sale is the whitelist.

《Addresses Added to the Whitelist》
・All addresses placed the bid in the first auction.
・All addresses used to purchase in the first NFT sale.
・All addresses used to purchase in the second GXE Campaign.
・All addresses used to purchase in the past GENESIS FESTIVAL.
・All addresses used to purchase from this FINAL Pre-Launch Sale.

◆About Free Raffle Event
To celebrate holding the FINAL Pre- Launch SALE, we will be holding a campaign to distribute “Pacquiao Ticket” that can be used to obtain NFTs and other items for free.

◆How to Win the Pacquiao Ticket
・Participate in a Twitter campaign that distributes tickets
・Distribution to the whitelist (to those who participate in the past sale)
・Distribution from Pacquiao Twitter account
・Participate in campaigns held on Discord

We have plans to add more opportunities for this.
Details will be announced on the PROJECT XENO official website and Twitter.

◆What is Pacquiao Ticket
We will be holding a free raffle event that can be entered for free, which will run simultaneously with the FINAL Pre-Launch SALE starting on February 20th. The BEP20 token that can be used to participate in the raffle is called the “Pacquiao Ticket”. Winners will need a wallet that can receive BEP20 tokens in order to receive, so please make sure to prepare it in advance.

*The results of the Pacquiao Ticket raffle drawing will be distributed to winners “My Page.” The actual illustrations for the winning items (XENO, GENESIS, Pacquiao versions) will be announced after the sale has ended.
*Please note that the tickets previously distributed in the past sales, such as the “Free Raffle Ticket” and “Lucky Tickets”, cannot be used in this sale. 

Please be aware that the contents of the sale are subject to change without notice. For more details, please check the PROJECT XENO official website, Twitter, and Discord.

If this is your first time participating in the NFT sale, please take a look at the beginner’s guide.