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Announcing the Recruitment for the 5th Period GXE Partners.

During the “FINAL Pre-Launch Sale (Pacquiao Collaboration NFT Sale), “ we have decided to recruit the 5th period GXE Partner who can join in creating excitement for PROJECT XENO.

<The Current GXE Partner Benefits>
・NFT monthly airdrop until the game launch
*Random NFT will be airdropped to 5th GXE Partners from March, 2023

・Participation rights to a closed environment release prior to the game launch.

More benefits are considered to be added.

*The GXE partner benefits are subject to change and may include additional benefits as the development progresses.
*Please note that the design of NFTs is a work in progress and may differ from the actual design. Please note.

<5th GXE Partner Requirements>
①Purchasing the package in FINAL Pre-Launch Sale (Pacquiao Collaboration NFT Sale).

②Hold 5,000 GXE in the same wallet as the one connected in requirement ① from the final day of February 2023 at midnight to the following day at midnight must be met. 

Upon fulfillment of the aforementioned requirements, the individual will be officially recognized as a GXE Partner until March 31, 2023.

*From hereon, every month from the final day at midnight to the following day at midnight, if 5,000 GXE is held in the same wallet as the one sent in ①, the individual will be recognized as a GXE Partner for the following month.
*As long as the requirements are met, the benefits of being a GXE Partner will be effective until the launch of the game.
*GXE Partners will automatically be added to the whitelist

For more details, please check the website.
■GXE Partner:

Please check the official website, Twitter, and Discord of PROJECT XENO for further details.