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Total prize pool of 20 million yen!
National esports tournament “Hikaru Cup” to be held!

PROJECT XENO announces the hosting of the “Hikaru Cup,” an esports tournament with a total prize pool of 20 million yen.


◆ What is the Hikaru Cup?
The first nationwide esports tournament by “PROJECT XENO.”

The XENO equipment used in the tournament follows a rule of uniform conditions for all participants. This means that even those who have not yet started playing the game have ample opportunities.
(Note: To ensure fairness, participants will choose from common items provided, rather than using their own items, and compete under this format.)

Participation in the tournament is, of course, free.
We look forward to welcoming participants who are confident in their gaming skills.


◆ Prize Money
Total Prize Pool: 20 million yen

1st Place (1 person): 10 million yen
2nd Place (1 person): 4 million yen
Tied for 3rd Place (2 people): 2 million yen each
Tied for 5th Place (4 people): 500,000 yen each


◆ Tournament Schedule
Early October (tentative): Online qualifying tournament (determining the top 16 performers)
October 28th (Saturday): Offline finals (scheduled to be held in the vicinity of Tokyo)


▼ For more details about the Hikaru Cup, please visit:


※ Please await further announcements in early September for detailed tournament information.
※ The schedule and content of this event are subject to change without prior notice.