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Announcement of Hikaru NFT Sale

We announced that an NFT collaboration sale will hold in late November 2022 with a popular YouTuber Hikaru who has about 4.86 million subscribers (as of October 24, 2022).
To commemorate the event, the campaign, “Free Sale Raffle Ticket” to win free NFTs, will be held at the same time.
◆How to win a Free Sale Raffle Ticket
・Distribution to the GXE Partner special offer
・Participation in the campaign on Twitter
・Distribution to the 1st NFT Auction participants (whitelist)
and more are planned for future.
We will also open the Hikaru NFT sale website in November 4th.
Please check PROJECT XENO official website and Twitter for further details.

■Official Website
■Official Twitter (EN)
■Official Twitter (JP)
■Official Telegram