PROJECT XENO is a Web3 PvP game with GameFi.
Players can battle using unique NFT characters and win the battles to earn Utility Token (UT). UT can be used to train and acquire NFT characters. The characters are tradable in the in-app marketplace.

Players equip their NFT characters with skills to battle. The strategy depends on the combination of the characters and skills you choose. Also, the tactic develops to predict the opponent's actions during battle and assemble the skills you use.

There are 5 classes for NFT characters, such as a breaker, guardian, samurai, and psychic, and each has its characteristics. You can select various fighting styles by combining skill cards according to their characteristics.

  • You can gain UT/GT by playing the game.

  • Tuning the daily UT Mint/Burn balance provides a stable supply of UT rate to provide a cycle that functions asset preservations for current users.

PROJECT XENO uses 2 types of tokens: a governance token and a utility token.