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Announcement of the Twitter Exclusive “Send your GXE Campaign”

We are pleased to announce the Twitter exclusive “Send your GXE Campaign”, during which participants have the opportunity to win GENESIS, XENO, and other prizes by simply sending 1,000 GXE to the designated address.

Until 10:00 a.m. UTC on Monday, December 26, 2022

More details on the campaign:

◆How to Participate

Please send 1,000 GXE to the address below: 0x210987C32d7566F74Af06D29C6Fdda22FE156899

Multiple submissions are permitted. If you choose to submit multiple entries, please ensure that each submission is exactly 1,000 GXE. The winning NFTs and Lucky Tickets will be rewarded to the wallet address used for the submission. If you have already registered on the “My Page”, we highly recommend using the wallet address associated with your account for submission.

Submissions made using a CEX such as MEXC will not be eligible for the drawing, and NFTs and Lucky Tickets will not be rewarded.

Funds sent other than the exact amount, 1,000 GXE, or sent after the deadline are non refundable.

◆Winning Probability
Please check the image.

◆Results of the Drawing

NFT (GENESIS, XENO): Expected to be reflected on the My Page around December 27
Lucky Ticket: Expected to be reflected on the LUCKY BAG SALE page around December 27

*The design of the NFT may differ from the actual one during development
*The announcement of the winners and distribution may be delayed depending on the operation status of the blockchain and the status of the tally
*The NFT mint (state in which the NFT can be moved to the wallet) is scheduled between the marketplace release and the game launch
*In future GXE transfer and raffle drawing campaigns held on Twitter, the amount transferred and the probability will change randomly each time
*This service is subject to the terms of use, disclaimer, and privacy policy.